Posted by: naveenkrhalli | 17/04/2009

Way to propose your love…..

Hi, I found this quote in one of the magazines and to tell you, I was just bowled over the way this guy proposed his girl. Fantastic. His style is as below.

My girl was walking towards home in the evening, and it was a secluded road.
A car stopped on her side, four men snatched her inside and blindfolded her.
They took her to a house that was extremely dark and left her there. Then enters
the hero, that’s me. I played her favorite song, removed the strip tied on her eyes,
kissed her and said, “Marry me, you will find me around even at places where you don’t
even expect me to.” She ended up in tears.

I am sorry I couldn’t remember the name of that guy….. but I remember his style.

sakat alwa……


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